Original Belgian waffle


Have you already tasted our waffles? We offer only original high qualtity frozen Belgian waffles with the authentic taste, especially for restaurants and retail trade, that want to serve high quality to there costumers and want to save time and money. 2 minutes in the toaster or 4 minutes in the oven and you have the perfect waffle. The Brussels waffle is an ideal addition to tea rooms, taverns, brasseries and restaurants This product is a must have in your restaurant. These are our strengths : Easy to use, you can quickly heat up our waffles in a normal traditional oven. Quality, every phase of our process is checked to meet the highest standards. It is a simple basic product that is not expensive and can still offer great added value by adding various (by) products. This can be easily sugared or in combination with fresh fruit, ice cream and whipped cream or classic with chocolate, or with syrup like the Americans during breakfast. These toppings can change on the season and depending on the menu, so that the customer always gets a different combination of the Brussels waffle. Whether your customers are active in the hospitality industry, or run the kitchen of a school, hospital or care home: they always want to offer quality and tasty products. Moreover, they always want to be able to respond to busy moments. The frozen Brussels waffles meet all their requirements. We deliver them in handy packages of 24 pieces, size of one piece 3x5 85g. In addition, you can keep this delicacy in the freezer for a long time (expiration date of up to 18 months) and you can use the waffles one by one without ever being left with surpluses.
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